Silver zircon stone septum ring/nosering-63

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For pierced nose. For right side piercing 

Material: sterling silver (92.5 % pure silver), semiprecious stones

Measurements: (Approx.) Width: 1.3 cm, Length: 1.3 cm, Inner diameter: 0.7 cm

Check more details in the description below.

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One of our hot sellers. This septum ring can be used as nose ring, tragus ring, cartilage ring or helix ring as well.

These are small nose rings, Picture given  is a macro click.

Wire Thickness: 21 g

Its a completely handcrafted nose ring, thus slight irregularities may be there due to human involvement in the process.

NOTE: Inner Diameter is the distance from the inside edge to the internal rim of the hoop. It determines how snug or low the jewelry would be from the body.

How to find out what inner diameter of nose ring you need? Measure the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your nostril. This is the smallest inner diameter that you can wear, and it will fit snugly. If your piercing is higher up, or if your nose is on the large side, a nose ring with a larger diameter would suit you better than one with a small diameter. **check picture for reference. Apply same method of measuring for an earlobe or upper ear cartilage piercing i.e the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your ear.

Open the ring gently, slip into the hole and then gently close the end back for a continuous hoop.

Care Instructions: Keep in pouch after use to avoid blackening/yellowing of silver and polish with soft cloth to keep the shine.

Please check the size before purchasing. Due to hygienic reasons we do not accept return or exchange of nose pins

Disclaimer: All our nose pins are handcrafted in 92.5 % silver with real semiprecious gemstones. Owing to its small size and intricate craftsmanship, 925 Hallmarking is not always possible on nose pins like other jewelry as the process involves the application of a strong force to engrave on the metal.But we never compromise in the quality of product.


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