How to wear nosepin?


  • To wear the nose pin, gently insert the little bent section of the wire at the end of the nose pin into your piercing.
  • Slowly rotate the nose pin while simultaneously pushing it gently inside your nose.
  • Stop the process once you no longer see the wire and the nose pin’s design lies parallel to the surface of your nose. 
  • You should not straighten the coil wire, doing so will weaken the wire and it will be prone to breakages.

We are not responsible for cases of breakages of nose jewelry due to mishandling of wires even if it happens within few hours of delivery. Please note that the we have introduced thinner wire nose pins as its easier for you to adjust being more malleable. Thicker wires are sturdy but difficult to adjust for beginners. However, being thinner, these wires are more delicate and must be treated with extra care so as not to be bent out of shape. Thinner wire is also more likely to break from over adjusting multiple times. Please practice on ear piercing if you are new to wire nose pins/ septum rings. Also look for wire gauges before purchase.We do not entertain any complaints of allergy or reddening of area after using nose pins. All nose rings are for HEALED piercings only! Do not try them on fresh piercings. If the skin looks irritated, then you may be unaware of how to insert the nose ring or you are allergic to silver or any kind of metal. Always consult dermatologist and get a patch test done for such cases.All our nose pins are handcrafted in pure silver with real semiprecious gemstones. So chance of a skin irritation is very rare. Owing to its small size and intricate craftsmanship, 925 Hallmarking is not always possible on nose pins like other jewelry as the process involves the application of a strong force to engrave on the metal. But we never compromise in the quality of product