General Enquiries

We are trying to answer here few common queries that we come across everyday via email/ social media pages.
Where is your shop?
We don’t have brick & mortar space where people can come in and shop. We are an online store serving since 2012. Owing to our transfer system in work and frequent travels, we can continue to serve online only. We are currently shipping from our warehouses in Tiruvalla(Kerala), Madhya Pradesh and Jaipur.
How do I buy your product?
All available products are displayed on our website. Instagram users can shop from our instafeed link given in the bio.
What to do if a product is Sold Out?
If a product is shown as sold out, it means there are unfortunately none left to buy.  Some products may be one of a kind (limited quantity) or some may be produced only in bulk. Thus we may not able to provide you the same. We will do our best to manufacture/ source them but no guarantee. You can request us via “Make an enquiry for product” button on product page.
If Product seen on our social media page is not available on site, it means its either sold out (thus hidden) or not listed on site. You can message our Facebook page or DM (Instagram) or email for such queries. Due to  repeated enquiries, we have decided to hide the stock out products on website. When ever its back in stock, it will be updated on website.
Please know that we may not be able to reply to enquiry mails if a specific item may never get a restock/ no longer available.
Can you tell how products are priced? 
We believe that we are trusted by customers worldwide for last 5 years due to our honest pricing and transparent policies. We provide the best rates we can by manufacturing most of the products with our own karigars. If a product is procured, best rates are shared with you by sourcing from direct manufacturers/suppliers.
Pure silver Jewelry products are priced based on their weight, intricate craftsmanship and different stones used in the product. Pure silver making charges vary from Rs.70 to Rs.220 per gram based on design.
Metal jewelry prices are mainly based on the design, Silver look alike Jewelry, though metal based is priced higher than normal metal jewelry as they are 100% handcrafted and are exact replica version with high quality
Is there any guarantee for products?
We provide guarantee only for the pure silver Jewelry. Metal Jewelry has no guarantee.
Pure Silver jewellery is stamped with the 92.5 mark, guaranteeing that it is sterling silver. If purity of a product is less, it will be specified in product description.
Special note for nose Jewelry: All our nose pins are handcrafted in 92.5 % silver with real semiprecious gemstones. Owing to its small size and intricate craftsmanship, 925 Hallmarking is not always possible on nose pins like other jewelry as the process involves the application of a strong force to engrave on the metal. But we never compromise in the quality of product.
Can you send pics to my WhatsApp number?
Unfortunately we cannot. We request you to check our website for available products and prices as we update our site regularly. We can send you product links if you have difficulty finding them.
Can I call and discuss?
Unfortunately, we do not have customer service via call. All queries will be answered via email by our small team as soon as possible. Business enquiries via WhatsApp will be answered  between 10 am- 7 pm except Sundays
Can you message when the product is available again
As its really impossible to revert back to each message on social media, we request you to stay tuned on our Instagram page and Facebook page for updates of new products / restock of your favorite products. And we will surely restart WhatsApp broadcast services soon.
Do you sell wholesale or provide for reselling?
Sorry no. We accept only retail orders via our website. Any kind of misuse of our photographs or marketing using our product images/ content will be strictly dealt with.