After Purchase Enquiries

How to wear the nose pins?

We have explained it in the product description of each product. If you need further assistance, feel free to email us. We can provide videos on how to wear them

Silver Jewelry i have bought have turned black. Why is it happening?

Tarnishing is not a manufacturing fault. All sterling silver (92.5 pure silver) will tarnish over time due to a process called oxidization. Please refer to Jewelry care page for methods to prevent tarnish. Always wipe the jewelry with soft cloth after use and store in air tight boxes.

Will gold plating last life long? What to do if gold plating has lost its sheen?

Lifespan of gold plated jewelry depends on how the jewellery is stored and the frequency of usage. Gold plating on silver stays up to 2 years or more when worn sparingly and stored in airtight boxes when not in use. Follow the wearing, cleaning and storage tips mentioned in jewelry care page to make the plating last longer.

Free gold re- polishing or plating is given for 6 months from the date of purchase of products. You will be charged after that if you need a replating or polish.

Non silver jewelry i had purchased has turned green in few areas. What to do?

Non silver metal jewellery is primarily made of copper alloy. Therefore it can oxidize easily on regular exposure to humid atmosphere. Wipe the beads with soft cloth dipped in lime/ vinegar if oxidization happens (blackening/greening) eventually with time and store in air tight boxes when not in use.